More time for
what really matters

Wizzili is a 3.5 inch intelligent vocal personal assistant designed to simplify your life, everyday. Find peace of mind, save time for what really matters and embrace a new life !

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At a glance

Shopping's never been so easy !

Thanks to its voice recognition technology, Wizzili smartly updates your shopping list on the fly with your favourite products. Just talk to Wizzili and you're all set ! Your shopping list grows along with your wishes.

Stop wasting your time

Repetitive grocery shopping and multiple trips to the store are now a thing of the past. Your shopping list is centralized, shared with your closed ones, and updated in real time depending on your tribe’s needs and desires.

A new shopping experience

Wizzili is smart enough to connect to your online shopping accounts and accurately select the products to buy. It will even be able to adapt to your eating habits and make relevant suggestions to match your personal lifestyle and objectives.

Communicate with your loved ones

Wizzili's voice recognition technology allows you to send and receive messages in a fun and simple way with your family members, even the youngest ones !

Simple and interactive

Send texts via speech recognition and bring them to life thanks to Wizzili’s emojis. So easy to use regardless of age or technical abilities, each and every member can take part in the discus-sion.

Stay in touch all day long

From work or on the go, communicate easily with your kids or roommates! With the Wizzili app, whether it’s reminders or sweet words, stay in touch with your home with notifications, texts and emojis.

A smart personal assistant

Wizzili notifies you with information relevant to your diary and lifestyle and adapts your schedule accordingly.

Don't miss anything

Create and synchronize your diary, schedule your meetings and activities and be notified in real time at home. Your days will be easily organised and optimised.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your new life

Weather, traffic, public transport, schedules… Wizzili will notify you of congestion, accidents, let you know when your next bus is or the opening hours of your favorite store, allowing for efficient time management.


Useful, intuitive and customizable functions

  • Simplified wifi pairing
  • Quick start and automatic power saving
  • Inbuilt magnet for easy display on metallic surfaces (fridge, splashback…)
  • Intuitive design adapted to children and seniors
  • Choose from push-to-talk mode for on-demand use or hands-free mode with keyword activation for more freedom
  • WiFi 802.11a/b/g - 1200mAh Li-Ion Battery - Speaker & 3 Mics - 1.44" Capacitive Touch Screen


Wizzili is a battery-powered intelligent vocal assistant. Simply press the button located at the top right hand side of the product and Wizzili will power up in less than 3 seconds.
When not docked, thanks to its battery Wizzili can be easily moved and work from anywhere in your home.
Wizzili has been designed for shared usage by everybody regardless of age and technical ability. It is the most powerful mass market assistant, able to identify each user and adapt to their needs and requests to only share accurate and relevant information.
Simply install the app and follow the instructions.
Wizzili is charged using a micro-USB cable. Thanks to its high capacity Lithium-ion battery, you can use Wizzili for around 2 weeks.
The app allows you to create an account, register your device and connect it to your WiFi network. You can also access all the Wizzili functions from your app.
Wizzili is designed for shared usage among a group and is highly playful and intuitive. Even the youngest ones can use it. Wizzili is always within reach, no need to find, unlock your phone and launch your app.
Definitely ! Wizzili was designed with kids in mind. All contents delivered by Wizzili are appropriate to a young audience.
Unlike most vocal assistants, Wizzili has been designed to take up a minimal space: it is 3.5" large and 1" thickness.


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